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6 million vaccine doses delayed due to winter storms


All right that cold weather we experienced throughout much of the country this week also froze a lot of vaccine doses from getting delivered to all the key places better than six million of them were told should this be a worry we're told right now that things are going to get back to normal whatever that is and shipments of 1.3 to one and a half million vaccines per day per week I should say dr. Rashini Raj joins us right now the NYU Langone associate professor uh doctor it's uh good to see you again um how big a deal is this is any of those vaccine doses imperiled because of this delay what can you tell us? 

Morning Neil great to be here well the good news is it seems that the doses that were delayed weren't actually sorted or shipped down and in limbo thawing somewhere they just made the decision not to ship them so they will be delayed but they won't be useless they won't be thrown out and of course, there have been several missteps and delays in rolling out this vaccine it hasn't gone as smoothly as anyone would have hoped but people are getting vaccinated and it is happening you know states are kind of clamoring for more doses and for some of those sort of hidden doses that have been put away for second doses or for nursing homes it's not going as smoothly as we want but it is going and eventually people will get the vaccines everyone who wants it will get one eventually the question is when and of course the cost of delaying is people getting sick and still people unfortunately dying. 

You know there's been a lot of clamor over this dr Marty McCurry state but the johns Hopkins university doctors I'm sure you're aware who said herd immunity could be had by April the month after next what do you think of that? 

Yeah and I know dr McCarron he's a very brilliant guy I think it's it's difficult to say with certainty when herd immunity is going to come and anyone who sort of can put their foot down and say that I'm not sure that they have all the information for them it could be sooner than we think because what he was referring to was the many millions of people who have been infected and may be asymptomatic aren't really counted in the numbers and of course if they've been infected that adds to the herd immunity but we don't really know the answer to that number we also don't know what role the variants are going to play so these new variants that are more infectious and may not be as responsive to the vaccine that could play a role as well so when herd immunity is coming unclear I don't think anyone can say with certainty I think by the end of the year is a good guess much sooner than that I think it's a little bit premature to opine on that at this point. 

All right thank you dr rashini raj on that of the bite administration by the way is saying it hopes to return to some sort of normalcy whatever that is by your end so we will see 

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