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Joe Biden's $1.9 trillion relief bill facing roadblocks


all right the 1.9 trillion dollar stimulus plan is looking a little dicey, there are some progressives Democrats who have some concerns that the president might be giving away too much to Republicans. 

Republicans are complaining that he's not giving them anything um the talk that he wants to try to make it and is open to make it a little less expensive. Isn't easing their angst about this and the fact that he is not going to include a hike in the minimum wage. As if he could with a reconciliation measure and the fact that he's cooling it on the very expensive tuition forgiveness plan or debt plan has many in his own party complaining. 

So David spent on where all of this stands right now from the white house hey David hey Neil good morning well when you're president of the united states you can't please the opposing side of the aisle but also your own party that's what president Biden is learning on the job one month today January 20 to February 20. 

The president at the white house today and tomorrow after spending time touring a covid vaccine manufacturing facility in Michigan just outside Detroit yesterday. But covid vaccines covid relief also the minimum wage all related they're all tied in together now house democrats are pushing and senate democrats pushing for this $15 minimum wage hike that figure has been a signature of the democrats wish list but the president has hinted may not be possible now. 

Politico reporting that president Biden told governors and mayors last week in the oval office just may not be the right time and he'll be interested in a slower approach to phase in that 15 dollar minimum wage overtime over a period of time yesterday Neil white house press secretary Jen Sachi answered questions about the proposed hike on air force one listen he could not have put it in the bill if he did not want the minimum wage to be increased. 

That's what he wants to see the outcome as but he also knows through many many decades of working through legislation that the bill that comes out the other end may not look exactly the same as the bill coming in all right so some democrats are also unhappy to learn the president does not plan to move forward with any robust action to cancel up to 50 thousand dollars in student loan debt senators Elizabeth warren Bernie sanders even majority leader chuck Schumer pushing the idea but the president taking a more centrist approach rejecting it Neil the president spent 36 years walking the halls of capitol hill working with both republicans and democrats touting his relationships with both sides on the campaign trail many wondered if the president would come in and move further left right now show he's taking a centrist approach, Neil, all right David thank you very very much.

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