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New York GOP to start impeachment process against Andrew Cuomo


New york state assembly republican leader will barclay call the cuomo controversy one of the most alarming scandals.

we've seen in state government and he joins me now assemblyman uh i you know i'm so curious about what the next steps are how close are we to seeing an actual impeachment of the governor of new york,

well that's a good question i know how close we are to impeachment but what we're calling for is an impeachment commission to start to be a bipartisan commission made up of eight members, four republicans four democrats to investigate if there were any crimes committed by the governor with his cover-up of the nursing home deaths in new york state.

they would have 60 days to investigate and then give the report to the state legislature and if there's something there the assembly can move for articles impeachment all you need is a majority vote to do that and then it would go to the senate for a trial. 

where they would need two thirds vote but i think there's enough evidence to begin this process obviously you have the eastern district of new york.

U.S attorney looking into this we have the FBI looking into it and there's no reason that the state legislature can't also begin to look into this you know do you have enough you say you have enough evidence. 

Do you have enough democrats to join you because i would imagine you would need them well that's always a challenge that we have in new york as republicans but we don't see this as a partisan issue we really see as a bipartisan issue you know in new york we had 15 000 deaths in nursing homes that's more deaths than 40 other states had in totality.

Because of the covet so these families are demanding answers and these aren't constituents of just republicans or constituents of democrats and i do see there are some cracks in the wall and i do hope that we can have democrats join us on it because we really should be a bipartisan effort.

You know it's interesting because you you're seeing some things kind of burst on that side of the aisle and i know that that's not part of the facts of the case necessarily but i'm wondering you know what kind of food does it put on the table for an impeachment push to hear. 

Democrat like ron kim say that he was bullied by this governor to change his story about what was happening well don't you think it's really a loss of trust between the executive branch and the legislature and especially when a democratic member gets bullied like he apparently did or allegedly did that should turn off all legislators not just republicans. 

But certainly his colleague my colleagues on the other side of the aisle the democrats i'd be outraged just like i am but people would expect me to be outraged but if i was a democrat and you had the governor talk to one of my colleagues that way i'd be outraged too so i don't you know again that's not directly tied to this impeachment committee but it certainly does illustrate sort of the lack of trust and the issues that the governor is now having with the legislature.

i want to get to this a new york post op-ed says you've heard the expression that the cover-up is worse than the crime well in the case of governor cuomo the opposite might be true imagine if former president trump had done what cuomo did we'd have a third impeachment on our hands cuomo's actions certainly merit his removal from office not just for the cover-up but for the actions he took that impeded our national response to the worst pandemic in american history.

What's your response to that well it's a little of both of course I think when we start off with this pandemic no one knew what to expect obviously people make mistakes because we've never been through this before but this seems like a pretty big mistake I mean by letting uh covet infected patients back into nursing homes just logically you would think that's gonna you know spread infections within those nursing homes and obviously a number seem to be bearing that out so yes that is a real bad policy decision apparently and i think people ought to be held accountable

But along the same rails you know and the dual rails certainly the cover-up is problematic and if there is a cover-up it could be criminal and i certainly think it needs to be investigated and the families really demand answers they want answers and i think the legislature should demand answers if there's a cover-up in whether you know crimes have been committed and whether it reaches a level of impeachment will you be pressing to look at anything other than the nursing homes at this point. 

I mean you've got federal government officials investigating the governor and what happened under his watch with the nursing home situation but will you have broad enough powers iF you will for lack of a better word scope to look at other things to make sure that they really and truly everything that could have been done during the pandemic was done and you mentioned mistakes get made but you have an opportunity now to really take a look at what happened so i think maybe that would be handled outside of this impeachment commission that we're proposing this is really focused. 

I think on the actual cover-up by the governor but i do think a uh analysis of how we reacted to the pandemics incredibly necessary you know new york state besides what the governor is saying how great leadership he provided during this pandemic.

We have the second highest fatalities from the pandemic than any other state in the country and a per capita basis we're right up there i think new jersey's just ahead of us but we're at something like 243 deaths for every 100 000 cases and that puts us so far ahead of other states.

I think we definitely need to go back and see what new york did wrong because clearly we've done something wrong during this pandemic to have such high numbers  new york state assembly republican leader will barclay. 

So wonderful to have you on the program as we navigate our way through what has been a disaster for some in new york thank you so very much good to see you today thanks for having me on.

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