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See what has happened to Trump's DC hotel after his loss


CNN's Brian Todd reports on why rates are doubling at the Trump Hotel in Washington DC on March 4th.

The trump international hotel here in Washington DC has fallen on some hard times in the wake of its namesake's tumultuous presidency let's go to CNN's Brian Todd is working the story forces over outside the hotel lobby Brian the pandemic hit the hotel industry hard all across the country but the trump hotel is facing separate challenges.

It really is worth you know really wasn't all that long ago that the trump international hotel was buzzing V.I.P.'s and others clamoring to get inside but tonight there are serious questions about its future.

 With Donald trump out of office there now seems to be little to attract guests to his gilded hotel just a few blocks from the White House despite its ornate lobby and other impressive features the trump international hotel like other high-end locations has been ravaged by a covert hit on the travel industry on a recent weekend evening a CNN employee who shot this video and took still pictures saw decent crowds at the Benjamin bar and lounge and the steak house in the lobby BLT prime but also observed very few people actually staying at the hotel hallways elegant but empty elevators running up and down only a handful of times indicating a lack of traffic to and from the rooms the next day during a weekend brunch period or employee observed the lobby area was lifeless seems consistent with the view of Zach Everson the editor of a newsletter which has kept close track of trump's hotel through social media for the past couple of years

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