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Biden holds first bilateral meeting with Canadian PM Trudeau


President Joe Biden participates in his first (virtual) bilateral meeting with Canadian prime minister Justin Trudeau.

There is a problem but we're also going to be in the password are we more likely to take it off today and then there is very good in the middle of the road working hard to join us as we move forward there's a lot of the details former public climate change and thank you again for being with. 

On the back and one of the things that you have been traveling the world with a mass that last years and I have to say is and we are preparing the that is really really good with this one is nice. You can point out all references to climate change because of that high demand so we're really excited to be working with you on that on that 11 more to do it's 1 of the 3 of us well my brother who is online and it is not ours I will probably end up on that movie that will probably that was 1 of the few remaining that sealed off 1 of the. Yeah anymore than that maybe that information and that's it my name is yeah. 

Yeah, you see that a little bit about I'm really looking forward to meeting with you all on all these issues over the coming hours. Personally, I'm looking forward to getting to know her whole name is well-represented grades and there to see you here at all do you have thank you Mister prime minister do you want to speak to you on February 1 and the president said I think I spent many of my teenage years living in Montreal when my mother was teaching at McGill University and doing her research in the Jewish General Hospital. 

There as I have fond memories of my time in Montreal and it certainly left me with a lasting impression about how much our 2 countries have in common in terms of shared values and priorities and then the president has said we have a lot to do each of us and together we can out of it in a dressing. Interesting the impact that we had them on our country's looking at where we have possibilities to work together not only in terms of the public health and economic struggles of our country. 

But also what we have in terms of shared values rather dressing the challenges of climate change we look forward to working with you on that and many others we are neighbors we are friends of the country and. The challenges that we face not only areas we have said about the whole bit and climate change also as the president will talk about it has mentioned our challenges in terms of China and Russia. 

What we can do in terms of working together on that and working together in terms of strengthening and modernizing you went and WTO so we look forward to working with you it is good to speak with you and I'll now turn it over to deputy prime minister Freeland and I look forward to hearing from you thank you. 

Heaven sakes for once it may need such players will be wrapped that term directly to you. And I have the spelling of your last name has been stuck for inspiration for the girls across Canada especially for the fans please that Asian girls so many of them have told me that directly. Another word so comes forward to working with you in order to extend our offering credit. 

Are working together to be sure alright home news can come roaring back I couldn't agree more with what the president says that he will sponsor the working now all of us to celebrate the vibrancy and. How are people for Canadians for Americans and portable and so with the plan said everyone in this room and that room I am pretty confident we're going to do. Then because you know this is one of our provinces that.

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