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Biden told reporters airstrikes were meant to 'send a message' to Iran


Good evening welcome to washington i'm bret baer president biden is in houston right now he's delivering remarks at this hour at a coronavirus vaccination facility run by the federal emergency management agency as you see him there we are monitoring these remarks and we'll turn around any news first tonight white house correspondent peter ducey on the president's domestic trip when many of the questions he's facing are about foreign policy surrounding the order for air strikes in syria that we first told you about at the end of special report last night good evening peter good evening brett within the last hour on his way to those remarks president biden told reporters those air strikes were to send a message to iran quote you can't act with impunity be careful and the day after hurting iranian-backed forces he is down there trying to heal texas you're saving people's lives and they're doing if my mother would save sure you're doing god's work on the way to texas the white house explained the rationale behind the first air strikes biden ordered as commander-in-chief destroying facilities used by iranian-backed groups who targeted american interests in iraq the president is sending an unambiguous message that he's going to act to protect americans and when threats are posed he has the right to take an action at the time and in the manner of his choosing and every peaceful response must have been exhausted already according to foreign policy rules biden himself explained at the pentagon two weeks ago the central indispensable mission of the department of defense is to deter aggression from our enemies and if required to fight and win wars to keep america safe but i believe force should be a tool of last resort not first but some democrats wish biden would have asked them for an okay senator tim kaine protests offensive military action without congressional approval is not constitutional absent extraordinary circumstances congress must be fully briefed on this matter expeditiously when locations in syria were targeted in 2017 by trump gensake had questions quote also what is the legal authority for strikes assad is a brutal dictator but syria is a sovereign country now she argues that was different because trump was interfering in a syrian matter 2017 was an attack on the syrian on syrian military installations in response to a chemical weapons attack last night was a strike on militant groups in defense of u.s personnel under attack in iraq there's a massive difference in both policy and law there's also a massive difference between house and senate rules the house is allowed to pass a coven 19 relief bill with a 15 minimum wage attached the senate is not according to the senate parliamentarian progressives are now pushing vice president harris to overrule there are progressives who believe that the vice president should do the same thing that vice president rockefeller did vice president humphrey did in not accepting the advice of the parliamentarian not happening according to the white house well the president the vice president respect the senate process and will not overrule the parliamentarians decision in this case in a statement last night shinsaki said president biden is disappointed in this outcome but he couldn't have been surprised because this aired three weeks ago but that may not be in your american rescue no i put it in but i don't think it's going to survive he was right but as of right now even without the minimum wage increase in there this package has zero republican support so even though jensaki told me yesterday that the white house was not resigned to trying to pass this with democratic votes only it looks like that's what's happening right peter ducey live on the north lawn peter thank you syria is condemning thursday's military action calling it a cowardly attack and urging president biden not to follow what he calls the law of the jungle correspondent trey yanks has the latest from our middle east newsroom fox news has learned the threat level for american service members in iraq was raised today as the u.s military fears retaliation for airstrikes overnight in eastern syria according to u.s officials seven 500-pound laser guided bombs were dropped near the iraqi border killing a reported 22 iranian-backed fighters u.s and coalition personnel in iraq were targeted three separate times with rockets this month by iranian-backed shia militias one attack happened 11 days ago in the city of verbeel killing a contractor and injuring five americans including one u.s service member we're confident in the target that we went after we know what we hit and we're confident that that target was being used by the same shia militia that that conducted the strikes the pentagon quickly released a statement calling the strikes proportionate and done in consultation with coalition partners it was the first major american military action abroad since president biden took office and the department of defense was clear these targets were meant to send a message the ongoing provocations from iranian proxies come amid a backdrop of significant tension regarding the 2015 nuclear deal the stalemate has only increased regional provocations against the u.s and its close ally israel a high-ranking israeli official told fox news on friday that the jewish state was notified ahead of the u.s airstrikes in syria reports last month indicate israel is preparing plans to strike iranian nuclear sites if needed the united states iran and israel are all making ongoing calculations we do know the region is waiting to see what happens next but a single misstep could lead to a much larger conflict in the middle east brett hey trey there in israel how much concern is there that the by the administration despite this action against iranian militias is really working hard to re-establish this iran nuclear deal the major concern for israel brett according to officials we've spoken with here in jerusalem is that the biden administration is going to cut a deal of their own with the other partners to the jcpoa agreement that would ultimately leave the proxy threats off the table israel faces threats from places like gaza with groups like hamas and islamic jihad and also lebanon with groups like hezbollah brett trey yingst live in our middle east newsroom trey thank you.

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