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Joe Biden addresses foreign powers: ‘America is back’


The President also spends time on the world stage today looks more like a zoom meeting with world leaders his message and his words America is back and so are its alliances the u.s. 

Officially back in the Paris peace Accord and tonight how our allies are now reacting to all of this and there's also that moment today that looked like the rest of us quite frankly in this pandemic when the British prime minister Boris Johnson had to tell Angela Merkel of Germany to mute her computer. 

Here's our chief Washington correspondent Jonathan Karl tonight today in his first major speech On the world stage President Biden declared an end to Donald Trump's America First America alone foreign policy. 

I'm sending a clear message to the world. America is back. The transatlantic Alliance is back and we Are Not Looking Backward. We are looking forward together President Biden is already taken several concrete steps to race Trump's foreign policy initiatives. 

He's rejoined the Paris Climate Accords and the world health organization. He said he wants to restart nuclear talks with Iran and today Biden talked of working closely with allies Trump delighted in publicly criticizing and pushing aside.

Joe Biden

Let me erase any lingering doubt. The United States will work closely with our European Union partners and the capitals across the continent Biden was addressing European allies remotely at a conference that had all the look of a large Zoom.

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