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Joe Concha slams media bias: CNN stands for 'Cuomo News Network'


Explosive developments tonight surrounding andrew cuomo's burgeoning sexual harassment scandal as we are now learning the new york state attorney general is reviewing a letter from republican state senators asking for a full investigation but in all fairness this effort has all started because of democrats not republicans in the state of new york and by the way this all because even left-wing hollywood now is beginning to turn on the man that they gave their emmy to and as the times well group was for example released a statement calling for a full-fledged investigation as they're reporting governor cuomo is denying the allegations ask yourself where are where's the entire i believer caucus where are the rest of the i believers where is hillary clinton kamala harris kirsten gillibrand the ones that rushed to judgment and gave no due process to justice kavanaugh by the way who by the way get to say it said this reportedly said she hasn't even read the complaint against cuomo yeah of course the cuomo scandal is also a media scandal major networks have largely ignored both the nursing home cover-up and the sexual harassment allegations look at fake news cnn finally covered the cuomo allegations for a mere 96 seconds while totally ignoring it during the prime time hours but compare that to their endless never-ending hysteria of unfounded allegations against justice kavanaugh and donald trump every second minute hour of every day look at these two headlines right there on your screen look at the one from september 2018. woman accuses kavanaugh of assault in letter to senator compare that to a headline from thursday quote cuomo denies former aids harassment allegations oh slight difference in coverage do you see the abuse of bias and don't forget you know a lot of these fake news channels covered up cuomo's nursing home scandal for months and months refusing to take it seriously despite what was overwhelming evidence of wrongdoing and now they're continuing to downplay what is a growing harassment scandal with very serious claims fascinatingly it's democrats leading the charge here with reaction new york post columnist fox news contributor miranda devine and fox news contributor media columnist for um for the hill joe concha miranda you know if you really look there aren't even any republicans that i can even name in new york to be honest that have any kind of real influence in new york state not trying to be rude i'm just being factual but the point is you know you look at this case this is largely democrats going after cuomo they're the ones calling for impeachment and censure and investigations yes well it is a one-party state and anyone who's worked with andrew cuomo we now discover knows what a bully he is and knows about his skeletons in his closet it's just that they kept them all hidden when he was useful to them in terms of attacking donald trump and of course he was used last year and put himself forward as a foil against donald trump as what joe biden called the gold standard in leadership during the pandemic which of course he was the opposite he was a terrible leader during the pandemic as we know with the nursing home crisis and all sorts of other disasters that have happened under his reign which are all under a cloud there are lots of questions being asked about the contributions the donations he received from the nursing homes and the hospital industry and the fact is that if he were a republican governor you can bet that cnn and msnbc and new york times and all the uh democrat leaning media would have made a absolute mountain out of this story there would have been hundreds and hundreds of stories by now just as they were with justice kavanaugh yeah and joe look you followed the media for a living this isn't surprising this is pretty much every day uh every day of the year every minute of every hour of every day yet it's not surprising that that's the shame of it all right john and who knew that cnn stood for the cuomo news network because how else do you explain the bias of mission around a story that has so many layers and has such legs to it every day there's a new development that we're learning about and you have layer one for example and this goes back to last march right when the governor signed that order to pakova 19 positive patients back into nursing homes then you have layer two where you have a senior aide and melissa derosa she said this recently about the nursing home death tallies it's amazing quote we weren't sure if we were going to give the department of justice what we were going to give the department of justice was going to be used against us and we weren't sure if there was going to be an investigation that is literally an admission of a cover-up then you have layer 3 these allegations of bullying by again democrats a new york democrat and assemblyman ron kim echoed by others and then layer four just recently now this allegation of sexual misconduct by lindsey bohlen and this isn't an allegation that comes from 40 years ago when cuomo was in high school this is something that happened relatively recently so as far as scandals go to use a baseball term this one hits for the cycle but because there's a d next to governor cuomo's name he gets a pass here by most of the media and particularly cnn and that d by the way means disregard nothing to see here and that is a dereliction of duty sean because this is absolutely a huge national story what amazes me miranda is okay the i believers right you have the i believer caucus i believe i believe i believe okay i didn't say i took the position that justice kavanaugh we need more facts he deserves the presumption of innocence i believe in due process and i'm taking the same position here just because somebody says something we don't have all the facts i don't believe in rushing the judgment the democrats are the ones that seem to just use it when it's convenient as a political story which should bother people absolutely and you know every man should be given the presumption of innocence uh when these allegations come out every victim should be heard but we should keep a sense of proportion but it doesn't work like that with the democrats they use feminism as a weapon it's not about what's good for women it's just about power yeah it's sad last word joe 2018 julie swetnick comes out and accuses brett kavanaugh of being a party to gang rapes she's represented by michael avenatti you know the serious presidential contender who became like the debate captain at rikers at his cell block okay so her allegations are given no scrutiny nothing whatsoever she even gets on national television gets an interview now in this case with lindsey bohlen we can barely cover it so that's all you need to know if you want to compare the way these two stories were covered again because one was a conservative who was being accused and now the other one is a democrat and a prominent one joe concha miranda devine thank you both.

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