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Lady Gaga offers $500K reward for stolen dogs

Actress and pop superstar lady gaga is

offering a massive cash reward after

suspects shot her dog walker

multiple times and made off with two of

the singer's three dogs

Jonathan hunt on the story in Los Angeles Jonathan

hey harris half a million dollars that's

the reward

that lady gaga is offering for the

return of her two

missing french bulldogs this after a

the bizarre scene last night in the west


area of la in which her longtime

dog walker 30-year-old Ryan fisher was


shot several times in the chest as he

walked her dog's lady gaga herself

is in Rome right now she's said to be

distraught here you can see uh that's

one of the puppies that one

is Gustavo the white french bulldog she also

has a light brown koji he is also

he or she, I'm not sure is also missing

that's koji

right there and then there's miss Asia a

black french

bulldog now miss Asia there you see her

apparently ran

off during this attack and then was

later seen

on video first being cradled by Ryan

fisher the dog walker who got shot

and then in a particularly touching

the video was bundled up in a white blanket

by a couple of police officers and

carried away

into their patrol car but the bottom

line here

two of them are still missing koji and

Gustavo Ryan fisher himself by the way

the dog walker

we've just been told by the police is in

critical condition

in the hospital the robbery-homicide

detective unit now following up on this case

and lady gaga offering that five hundred

thousand dollars for the safe return of

her missing french bulldogs

harris sad story uh Jonathan thank you

very much

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