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Lindsey Graham blasts Biden's border policy as a 'recipe for disaster'


Republican senator of south carolina

lindsey graham senator thank you so much

for being here tonight i know that you

were at the border in arizona last week

we will talk about that in just a second

but first your reaction to

this crisis that we've seen before now

under the biden administration

well the worst is yet to come the bible

administration's done everything but put a neon

sign flashing come on in

i was just dumbfounded by what i found

at the border

the asylum seekers are coming again so

what happened in the old system if you

could get one foot katie into the united states

and claimed asylum you would be

processed in the united states

you would be released and your court

date would be four years in the future

nobody would ever show up ankle braces


so what did trump do he said if you come

here seeking asylum we're going to keep

you in mexico

and you've got to wait there to court

here and guess what people are not going

to pay 20 thousand dollars

to come from central america to set

mexico for four years

so it shut the asylum claims off they're

about to do away with the remaining

mexico policy

the word is out all over central america

uh that the asylum laws are about to


deportations are stopping and they

literally have stopped building the wall

there's a section of wall near nogales

arizona on the mexican u.s

border where they have holes in the wall

big enough to get tank columns through

the the panel is sitting there waiting

to be put up but they just won't put it


so this is a formula for disaster it's a

witch's brew

and the biden administration is clueless

when it comes to what they're doing

you know senator i think the american

people get very frustrated with this

topic because

it's a big complex topic that gets

politicized for elections and therefore

nothing ever gets done and we continue

to have these conversations

about the crisis and i want to talk

tonight about what we're seeing

right now in places like texas with

unaccompanied minors getting to

the border last in january last month 5

800 of them

let's talk about how they don't just

show up at the border they're not

getting dropped off by

their parents they're getting smuggled

to the border their parents are not with them

and then they are oftentimes at least

during the obama administration getting

placed with sponsors

who happen to be sex offenders or

exploiting them for labor purposes

so now here we are with the biden white

house saying

we have to keep these people and these

children in these facilities which they

previously called

concentration camps because we have this


so talk about that the issue of

unaccompanied minors specifically since

we're seeing that spike

okay number one word is out in central

america that the policies are changing

so uh during the trump administration we

would take the unaccompanied

minor and we'd send them back to their

home country we actually had agreements

with the northern triangle countries

that you could apply for asylum there

regarding the united states and you

never have to come into our country

and we also had an agreement to send the

kids back so what you see

is you see thousands of unaccompanied

minors coming to our border

turning themselves in we're going to

hold them and release them into the


98 percent of them will stay in america

and here's the untold story

most of them have family in the united

states this

is a business and the cartels are in

this business big time

and a lot of these girls are getting

abused and what what the binding

administration is doing

is they're turning on the faucet again

at every level

and people are responding and it's a

real tragedy in the making

well many of the family members who are

here are here

illegally but i want to talk about the

democrats hypocrisy on this because

they've used some very incendiary

rhetoric the trump the biden

campaign uses rhetoric to beat donald

trump they use the compassionate

argument let's play

some of what democrats have said about

these facilities that the dividing

administration now is using

the united states is running

concentration camps on our southern


and that is exactly

what they are they are concentration

camps these are like concentration camps

and i'm not afraid to use that word

there are camps and people are being

concentrated this is very simple

for 40 years before auschwitz we had

concentration camps what we're doing now

fits very cleanly inside that tradition

so senator they're now calling the same

exact facilities

influx centers now that it's biden yeah

yeah hypocrisy runs rampant here so

kamala harris

when she was running for president

actually protested outside of the

miami facility where they were holding

unaccompanied minors

that facility is now open aoc called the

facility in texas a concentration camp

at least she's consistent about

complaining but i just got back from the


i spent time with the border patrol

agents the customs and border agents who

secure our border and collect the

customs and duties

and protect us it was miserable for them

to be compared

to nazi concentration camp guards

these people are great patriotic


doing the best they can being

overwhelmed and to be treated that way

is just unbelievable

but where are these critics now where

are you now the bible administration is

doing the same damn thing

so here's my suggestion the body

administration look at the trump

policies that worked

reimplement them sit down with

republicans like me and see if we can

fix the thing

yeah well you mentioned where are the

critics where have they been where are

they now they've been there in the past

you had glenn greenwald tweeting

about this exact thing with the media he

said it's not an exaggeration i've seen

more news articles in the last 48 hours

discussing how complex difficult

challenging and vexing is the problem of

miners and other immigrants at the


than i did in the prior four years

combined wonder why

this reminds me of 2014 when town hall

where i work

where i write and report on a lot of

issues we published some of the first

photos from these initial

crisis when it came to unaccompanied

minors so why is it that all of a sudden

the media is changing their tune

because trump is gone trump actually

found a way to work with mexico to help


he mexico said okay we'll take care of

these asylum seekers so they don't

overrun your country

you help us he actually had agreements

with uh northern triangle nations like

honduras where you could apply for


there and not overrun our border he

actually improved the economies of the

northern triangle countries

the the criticism against trump was over

the top

and here's what's so sad and quite

frankly dangerous

biden is undoing everything that trump

did that worked

there's a disaster in the making at the

border if they don't change these


by the summer there's going to be a

million people overrun our border

their girls are going to be taken down

these trails and raped and abused and

again the body administration has done

everything they can

but put up a neon sign on the border

saying come on in

all right well we'll leave it there

obviously this is something that many

administrations have struggled with that

congress has struggled with and we will

certainly be following in the future

senator graham thank you so much

thank you

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