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Mark Morgan says Biden admin is 'facilitating illegal immigration'


you probably know and heard yesterday that asylum seekers. Who during the trump administration's to litigate their case had to sort of chill out in Mexico while that was being done well now they're allowed to come into the united states and chill out until illegal authorities can score a court appointment for them. 

The problem with that and why the Trump administration had changed it so that they had to wait it out in Mexico is that a lot of them never showed up for those appointments and that is the concern right now no doubt of my next guest mark morgan mark is the former uh acting uh custom border protection commissioner joins us right now. 

Mark, what do you think of this plan and the risks that you think are out there? 

You know i mean you just stated the biggest heuristic of all look back in 2019 you know one of the driving factors behind the unprecedented crisis was the fact that we have these significant loopholes one of them being if you made it to their border you're going to be released into the united states never to be heard from again that's not a right or left thing that facts support that and under the trump administration that was cut off in large part due to the migrant protection protocol the remain in mexico program was most know it and now not only has that program been rescinded but those that were already enrolled in the program those are the people now that are gonna are being actively allowed in the united states that all they're doing is they're coming to a port of entry and now they're being allowed in and real quick it's what's important to that is it's not just what's happening on the front end that they're being released but he's also on the back end removed isis authorities to remove them lawfully once they stay here illegally so catch him releases back on and they're actually creating the next you know wave of people in a few years going to say where's my amnesty. 

Where do they go and who monitors them than a mark in this event that here they are in the united states are they restricted to a certain area or areas does anyone monitor and I mean 25 000 that's a lot of people right now in the first wave uh how do we keep track? 

We do not that's the answer you know to look there have been talks about alternatives to detention but what's happening now that's not even being used and we know that that's a failure anyway that whether they put an anchor blazer lid on they just cut them off and they don't uh show up but Neil this is very important your question is spot on they're going to be allowed in there's really no monitoring and now because the new enforcement restrictions ice is going to be prohibited if they don't show up for a hearing they're going to be prohibited from going after them and detaining them and trying to remove them I mean they are absolutely we're seeing a new era where our country is facilitating illegal immigration in this country. 

Do you know and it's still early in the process and I grant you that mark that we have seen an uptick in people sneaking over the border I know Lindsey Graham was famously on the border in Arizona taking a look at holes in the wall that aren't going to be patched up that is just sort of like a gaping invitation for those to come right in um do we have any reliable data on how many are taking advantage of this sort of limbo in the meantime? 

Yeah so Niel I wouldn't characterize what you're seeing as an uptick well I'm categorizing it since the election that the numbers have skyrocketed you know where we're getting three we're operating 3,500 a day at the southwest border remember it was jay johnson the former secretary under then-president uh of Obama and vice president Biden where he said a thousand was a bad day I didn't agree much on his immigration policies but that I agreed with a thousand is a bad day we're at 3,500 a day that that's why I'm saying the crisis has already begun it's already here of those numbers and it's a direct result of the open border strategies that this administration within a few weeks has already enacted. 

All right mark morgan good seeing you again I hope you're wrong on this but you've been eerily prescient on a lot of the things that are going on mark morgan a former acting CBP commissioner we'll keep an eye on that for you.

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