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U.S Life Expectancy Suffers Historic Drop Due To COVID-19 Pandemic

The new data showing just how deadly this virus has been the CDC reporting u.s life expectancy dropped in the first half of 2020. Shaving off at least one year of life it's the biggest decrease since world war ii while that doesn't sound like a whole lot at a population level this is a huge decline for minorities. The toll even greater black Americans losing nearly three years Hispanics just shy of two and with another round of winter storms barreling in officials are warning, 

Weather is impacting vaccine deliveries we want to make sure that as as we've lost some time in some states for people to get needles and arms that our partners do all they can to make up that last lost ground experts now warning about a new variant after it appears two strains combined creating what they call a heavily mutated hybrid in typical mutations the virus will change in little ways as it replicates within a host but this was what we call recombination so that's when a host is infected with two different variants of the virus this is something probably that has happened up to this point and we just haven't really detected it the more transmissible uk variant and that south african variant could cause cases to rise and overnight maryland's governor announcing the state's first confirmed case of the brazil variant new jersey's governor with this message to residents first of all folks don't travel to brazil in south africa right now it couldn't be clear the cdc also urging everyone to postpone travel but the good news the pfizer and moderna vaccines appear to offer protection against the new strains including the highly transmissible south african variant and this morning sources tell abc news that the fbi is investigating new york governor andrew cuomo's coronavirus task force and its handling of nursing facilities early on in the pandemic and aide conceded that they withheld death info from state lawmakers out of fear that the trump the administration would use it against the state, 

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