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Third woman claims Cuomo made 'unwanted advances' toward her: Report


Huge waves of refugees are fleeing the

state of new york and yet somehow its


manages week after week to remain in the


we have another development in the

ongoing sordid saga of Andrew Cuomo

and trace Gallagher has been on top of

this story so to speak he joins us

tonight hey trace

hey tucker the second woman accusing

governor Andrew Cuomo of sexual

harassment is a former adviser

Charlotte Bennett who now claims Cuomo

asked her about her sex life and if she

was open to having sex with older men

previously Cuomo aide Lindsey Boylan

accused the governor of unwanted kissing

touching and asking her to play strip

poker the governor who says women should

be believed

says these two are lying but he's now

pivoted and will allow

new york attorney general Leticia James

to hire a private law firm to

investigate the claims

Cuomo maintains that he was only being

playful and joking quoting here

i acknowledge some of the things I have

said have been misinterpreted

as an unwanted flirtation his latest

accuser isn't buying it though

quoting these are not the actions of

someone who simply feels misunderstood

they are the actions of an individual

who wields power to avoid

justice the allegations are also putting

a new focus on a 2016 video that we

won't show you

at the new york state fair where Cuomo

dining with a young female reporter

uncomfortably tells her quote I want to

see you eat the whole

sausage the video was immediately

slammed as creepy and cringy

meantime new york mayor bill de Blasio

is blasting Cuomo

for the sexual harassment and nursing

home scandals watch

the allegations about the nursing homes

what was covered up

but what was done as well what happened

why were these lives lost

and did it have any connection to

campaign contributions to the governor

from the nursing home industry

de Blasio means the two-plus million

dollars in campaign donations Cuomo got

from the hospital in a nursing home

industry than last April

he granted legal immunity to hospitals

and nursing homes for coronavirus cases

Cuomo has also hired a criminal defense

attorney to handle

the nursing home scandal not yet for the

sexual harassment

claims but breaking moments ago the new

york times now reporting

another woman claims Cuomo made unwanted


toward her at a 2019 wedding reception

putting his hand on her lower back than

her face and asking

to kiss her she says she was confused


and embarrassed tucker Joyce Gallagher

thanks so much for that update

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