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Gutfeld on Trump blasting Biden's first month in the White House at CPAC


So did joe biden have the most disastrous first month of any president in modern history joe biden has had the most disastrous first month of any president in modern history i mean we all knew the bite administration was going to be bad but none of us imagined how bad we all knew that the biden administration was going to be bad but none of us even imagined just how bad they would be and how far left they would go he never talked about this we would have those wonderful debates he would never talk about this we didn't know what the hell he was talking about so if a republican president makes a triumphant return to the white house i wonder who that will be a republican president will make a triumphant return to the white house and i wonder who that will be so it was just like old times at cpac as trump boiled it down for all of us while you no longer have his mean tweets keeping cnn anchors up at night you also have unsecured borders fewer jobs a dead pipeline rising gas prices a return to a disastrous climate agreement and rising crime that gets a pass from the cowards of cancel culture and the only good thing joe has the vaccines came from you know who never let them take the credit because they don't deserve the credit they just followed now they're following our plan and then he laid down the most vital challenge would joe on behalf of the moms and dads and children of america get the schools open and open them now on behalf of the moms dads and children of america i call on joe biden to get the schools open and get them open now that's pretty clear finally i wonder what we will see for the next four years for the next four years the brave republicans in this room will be at the heart of the effort to oppose the radical democrats the fake news media and their toxic cancel culture something new to our ears cancel culture and i want you to know that i'm going to continue to fight right by your side the only division is between a handful of washington d.c establishment political hacks and everybody else all over the country but that's not all you're going to see you will see trump and perhaps others in the party that will learn from him trump showed other republicans that you got to fight fire with fire and you know that it worked because suddenly he became an existential threat that's what happens when you expose the media trump offered a clear succinct difference yesterday people say he ruined a party others say he saved it it could be both the republicans have now become a new party one for the ignored the working classes the opposite of the elites time to embrace that as the dems become no different from its colluders on cnn those well-dressed dopes controlled by the woke so uh jesse uh thank god for trump we needed something interesting to talk about he's like a cargo plane that air dropped cigarettes and chocolate to board troops in the media well i don't smoke but i love chocolate and there is a lot to chew on gut felt yeah we could talk the whole hour about that speech but i'll just say two things one thing he said that really struck me he said the republican party is the party of love and that's something that rush limbaugh talked about when he said what defines a conservative a conservative is a conservative because they have such deep love for the american people love for the country love for the constitution and all the great leaders that made our proud history so great so when you love something you put that thing first and that's all america first is all about putting the american people first not global institutions not other countries not isms or multinational corporations it's the average guy and through trade wage and immigration policy he created a middle class boom that helped everyone all races creeds and colors and that's why it's so sad to see joe biden rejoin bad deals and tear up good ones just because he hates trump and his supporters so much and it's devastating to watch and it makes me sad because i'm such an emotional person the other thing is this greg and you touched on the vaccine stuff history is gonna i believe at least my history will show that donald trump saved millions of lives and millions of jobs joe biden wouldn't have banned travel from china he would have kept the economy shut down longer and he never would have launched warp speed at record time so he would have cost millions more lives and millions more jobs so donald trump ordered 200 million doses of the vaccine okay half of them have been distributed right now and 75 million of them have been administrated so not a single dose has been injected to an american on march 1st ordered by joe biden all of these doses so far as of today have been distributed through the military trump's plan and administered through the states trump's plan joe biden is following trump's plan and the trajectory of the injections is just a steady rise he hasn't supercharged it so i want peter ducey to ask jen saki for acknowledgement of that and to thank you well done uh the the republican party is the party of love in the democratic party the party of lust we'll be right back dana you know um what i thought was interesting is identifying the democrats as the party of cancel culture like being anti-free speech or pro-censorship i think that's a that's that's a pretty good strategy do you think it is well i think i mean look i i think that the democrats realize that the general election went their way for the presidency but across the board almost everywhere you look in america that wasn't the case um state legislatures uh the congressional offices obviously uh and the some of the senate races and so i think that they realize that you know they're kind of living on borrowed time i think that's one of the reasons they're in such a hurry to try to get as much done as they possibly can cancel culture i think is a part of that do you remember when president trump in the 2016 election said that political correctness was ruining our country it got a huge applause line right and people are are feeling that yeah and so and and that's not going to end i would say that um being respectful of diversity of thought has to be inclusive of everyone including even people within your own party now one thing he did not do yesterday not saying he's going to start a third party that there was speculation about that and i think that his um basically description of the biden team his critique was pretty effective and if republicans can figure out a way to unify behind that i think the biden team would realize that they've got um a tiger bites tale with all of these problems coming to the forefront they're just focused so much on getting 1.9 trillion dollars in relief well relief passed before march 14th and then they'll try to worry about the other things but you can already see the cracks and the foundation of the democratic unity are absolutely happening and whether president trump runs again who knows we haven't seen this since grover cleveland gave it a shot i mean but you know history can repeat itself that is true that is true and it's a good point about cancer culture is like the frankenstein monster of political correctness so it seems like a logical extension for trump and katie he won the cpac poll handily i didn't even come in a close second yeah i didn't see you on the list greg i'm so sorry um you know but the cpac is a conservative political action conference it's a place where conservatives go every year to get involved to figure out how they can you know make a difference when it comes to forwarding conservative values and i thought when president trump talked about fighting against the left and focusing the energy on that that's important but also we talked about the power that republicans do have in the states to go after big tech to work on things like censorship at the local level and then of course he talked about 2022 and 2024. so he gave people there kind of an assignment to go out and fight against the left remain focused on the things that they're doing to to not let them rewrite the history of the trump administration and of the republican party and also to fight these things in the places where they do have some leverage against these democrats in their states yeah one i know that you were up all night saturday like it was the day before christmas knowing that that donald trump was gonna speak you were just so excited and i think i heard overheard you say in the green room it was the greatest speech you ever heard well it sure was it sure was like nick at night it was like a re-run i've heard that speech before you know and that speech obviously turns on a lot of people i'll say that for it i mean but the big news out of it to me was that you know that he still says he won the election and is continuing to promote that fiction even though we know it's so damaging to the country we all saw the violence on the capitol at the capitol hill and you know and it continues to damage the republican party and he says now here's a list of people in the republican party to go after the people who told the truth about not only the election but what happened on january 6. so i think he is promoting again you know more division not only in the country but in the party and i think that's really difficult because you know the obviously people in the country are worried about more violence coming that's why we still have the fencing around the cap on all that but i think people inside the republican party are also looking to try to find a way to go forward to build the party going forward and again it's just so difficult when everything focuses just on one personality his comments about biden i found intriguing because it seemed to me to be so revealing greg it seemed to me like he's jealous it seems to me like he's jealous about the idea that biden is having success the covet infection rate the death rate's going down uh he's jealous about the idea that the vaccines are getting out he's jealous about the idea that somehow you know the rescue package has already now passed the house looks like it's on its way through the senate successfully by the end of this week and i think he's just jealous i mean it's like it's coming out of his ears i don't know man i don't know how you can read uh somebody's mind and their feelings i just look at the look at what he's saying you know the thing too is it's been three months since the election the dems the dems questioned an election for four years it's weird how you changed the standards on that but we've we've been over that a million times.

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