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Tony Hawk Biography, Age, Height and Net worth

Tony Hawk (1968) is an American skateboarder, winner of 12 world vertical championships, three street style world championships, and ten X Games.

Anthony Frank Hawk (1968), known as Tony Hawk, was born in San Diego, California, United States, on May 12, 1968. Since he was a child he already showed his skills in skateboarding. At the age of 9, he got his first skateboard from his brother and soon tried to excel. He counted on the help of his father who took him to all competitions. At the age of 14, he became a professional since at that time, to become professional it was only necessary to enter a professional championship.

Tony Hawk was the pioneer in modern vertical tracks. In his house, he had his own halfpipe track, built by his father. At 16 Tony was already the best in the world. At the age of 17, he had already participated in 103 professional championships, winning in 73 and being 2nd in 19 competitions.

In April 1990 he married Cindy Dunbar and moved to Fallbrook. Tony Hawk, who had gone through moments of glory in skateboarding, in the early 90s saw the sport go into crisis and had to sell some goods. In 1992 Riley was born, his first child. When renegotiating the financing of a house, he founded a skateboard company, “Birdhouse Projects”, together with his friend Per Welinder. Gradually the sport was recovering and his company became one of the most successful skateboard companies in the international scope. In 1994 he divorced Cindy.

In 1996, Tony married Erin Lee. In 1998, he and his family created a skateboard clothing company for children, called “Hawk Clothing”. In 1999, together with Activision, he created the game “Tony Hawk's Pro Skater” for Playstation, which became a sales record. The game continued with six popular games. That same year, after 11 unsuccessful attempts, he made his first full 90 degrees turn at the X Games, winning the Best Maneuver Award.

In 2001, Keegan was born, her third child. Soon after, he divorced Erin. In 2004, Tony performed a series of maneuvers that carved his name in the history of world skateboarding, one of which is the Mc Hawk, where the skater takes 2 360-degree turns completing 720 degrees, a maneuver that is still considered difficult today. Tony has won more than 80 competitions. He was called "Birdman".

In 2002, Tony Hawk launched the “Boom Boom Huckjam”, a circuit that toured 30 stadiums in various cities with the participation of the best athletes in the world in skateboarding, BMX, and freestyle motocross. While the athletes did their tricks, the best punk and hip-hop bands performed live. In 2006 he married Lhotse Merriam and in 2008 he was a father for the fourth time.

Between 2006 and 2007, the Huckjam Tour operated exclusively in the parks of Six Flags, one of the largest amusement park chains. In 2016, at the age of 48, Tony repeated 900 degrees, the one he had performed for the first time in 1999 and was considered the most difficult of all vertical skate maneuvers.

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