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Afghanistan drone strikes were 'purely for headlines': Joey Jones


President Biden's foreign policy is taking a hit this week big time as his top defense officials admit defeat in Afghanistan and as a former u.s marine faces a pre-trial hearing today after being jailed for saying we all know our generals screwed up and our leadership was terrible and our decisions were awful it looks like voters may agree with this stance the new poll reveals that Biden's approval rating is dropping over its handling Afghanistan I cannot believe 38 approve meanwhile fox news contributor joey jones who fights these wars lost his legs over an IED in this war in Afghanistan joins us now to react what did you take away from those two days of testimony joey.

Yeah you know i i pretty much stay glued to the tv and if you read my Twitter you saw i reacted in the moment for both of them because there was so much happening that i think fell in the nuance there were some questions that were never asked that i really wished were asked one of them is simply asking general mackenzie if the buck stops with him on the drone strike then why wasn't he the first one to resign a lot of the kind of I guess you would theater political theater around uh general Milly uh resigning kind of centered around a chinese phone call or things that i think they actually had decent explanations for but the end the day we had 10 civilians killed by a drone strike and i believe both drone strikes were purely for headlines and those headlines have turned their cannons back towards the president because they were done in haste and they were done it seems to no effect at all or to or to the effect of killing civilians. 

joey they knew right away but it took the washington post new york times story for them to admit it does that bother you it bothers me because it doesn't surprise me it bothers me because this is the exact war plan that they're proposing will replace having people like myself and those a lot smarter and more courageous than i ever was they're on the ground gathering intelligence keeping us safe listen when president trump was president he said he was going to pull the troops out of afghanistan i took that the same way i took every time president trump went to the bully pulpit and made these big declarations it was a challenge to our military leaders to do better when he said we're going to pull out by may 1st i never believed we were pulling out by may 1st i believe that was a timeline put in place to to spur action in our military industrial complex to not think they could just push him over like the previous presidents and i still feel that way yeah i want to talk more about this but i do want to get to this story too yesterday and thankfully they just blow back on every side the new york times thought what a great time to offer some suggestions to redesign the american flag that really hasn't changed uh in design for 200 years but we've added a few stars here and there so take a look as we weave through the options and what they mean does anything to you scream we need to we need to do this listen they're going to attack everything about the fabric of this country and they're certainly going to attack everything that makes us unify around who we are in our social imaginary our national identity because they want to change that and if they can shift that conversation to something arbitrary in their minds like a flag then we won't pay attention to the actual changes they're making in our schools and how we allow the government to tell us what to do with our bodies and things of that nature this is a deflect uh maneuver and no we've got a flag i love our flag and don't you try to change it uh let's hope uh yeah we don't try to do that people also look at it as a trigger now because donald trump embraced the fight i know they're just ugly designs absolutely uh thanks so much joe i'll talk to you soon thank you hi everyone i'm brian kilmeade i want you to do me a favor i want you to click to subscribe to the fox news youtube page this is the only way that i know for sure that you're not going to miss any great commentary any great news bites any great interviews coming your way on fox you can get it all here on youtube so subscribe right now 

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