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Liberal media ignores Obama's criticism of Biden's border policy

Despite president obama's critical take on u.s border policy that some are calling a warning to president biden good morning america excluded a portion of that here with reaction fox news contributor joe concha joe he said it why did they cut it because it's something we call the bias of omission and it's the most insidious bias of all because for most people unless they're watching this network or a couple of other online outlets don't know that president obama said that of his former vice president's policy and if i'm teaching a class in the biosphere mission this is exhibit a because here you have the former boss of the current president barack obama joe biden respectively saying open borders the ones we are seeing under president biden the ones that will give us 2.3 million people this year alone crossing the border illegally which is an incredible number that's the same amount of people that live in the fourth largest city in this country houston he's saying it's unsustainable well yeah it is and such polite criticism is newsworthy and if it aired in the interview on abc it would draw attention back to the crisis that is the catastrophe at the border but abc chose not to air it because it largely serves the pleasure of this administration we are light years away from ted koppel at this point guys let's talk about the southern border right now because ted cruz issues a challenge to aoc take a listen yeah oh my bad it's something i'm going to read so i'm going to go ahead and read it can you read it how about that it says quote let's see aoc cry in front of the biden cages let's see joe biden or kamala harris or white house press secretary jensaki say there is no border crisis as we stand in front of the biting cages no i didn't read it in the voice of ted cruz which you otherwise would have heard if it was a clip it was not uh but regardless what is your reaction to that joe help me amelia if you could add a beard somehow here like the crew's beard that would have been tremendous yeah a little bit so so look the senator is right to call out this hypocrisy aoc is media royalty however and she won't be called out on her photo op from years past in any serious way the congresswoman is the same person who compared border facilities under trump to concentration camps but suddenly can't seem to find a flight a seat on a flight to south texas now that a democrat is in power this is an unserious person with no inclination to solve real problems and the fact that she has yet to pass any meaningful legislation since being elected proves that fact guys but joe i want to take a step back and look at the broader picture with what's going on on the negotiations currently in washington why has the democratic party given these progressives these aocs these squad members such clout in their party this is not what the american people majority american people want this is this is why you know twitter is is not the real world and social media is not the real world but for whatever reason because aoc has something like 13 million twitter followers therefore that makes her powerful because she could send out something and get 25 000 likes and suddenly uh that gives moderates and the party uh a pause like oh my goodness this this is a real movement that we're seeing here so i think that the passion is on the side todd of progressives in the party and they get a lot of air time because they say much more provocative things that make for good sound bites but but in the end they're not to your point living in the real world when you say that oh spend 5.5 trillion dollars and it cost zero dollars regardless if a progressive saying that or joe biden saying that or nancy pelosi is saying that how could anybody take this seriously again we are governed by unserious people children basically who actually think they could sell that as as a line zero dollars equals 5.5 trillion dollars and and that's why this thing is going to tank because the messaging has been horrible to this point these are some serious topics before we let you go i do want to highlight something pretty hysterical even though our producers explicitly stated that it was going to be a full screen and not a play of sound bite literally both jillian and i without conferring with each other both thought it was a sound bite i think you would agree you're more worried for jillian that she shares a mind with me uh i think that's concerning for everybody and remember let's explain to people at home because they may not know the terminology the jargon full screen means we put up a picture and we put up the words of what somebody said and not what them actually talking so 101 uh fox and friends uh producing so there you go teaching it's all about education here today on the program thank you so much 

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