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Marco Rubio blasts 'radical, left-wing' Democrats over spending bill

President biden facing a jeering crowd last night at the congressional baseball game as his domestic spending plan hangs by a thread yup his own party split over the 3.5 trillion spending bill no one thinks it's going to be that high if it does in fact pass is threatening to derail his entire agenda florida senator marco rubio sits on the approach appropriations committee joins us from capitol hill good morning to you senator good morning hey uh we had our white house correspondent on at the top of the hour who said that joe biden's been working the phone but he's not really whipping the democrats he's not saying hey vote for this or vote for that the 1 trillion or the 3.5 trillion elise slotkin a democrat from the great state of michigan was just on another morning show and said they don't know what to do because the president is not giving them guidance vote for this or vote for that yeah look i mean they have an internal party problem right they have these radical left-wing nut cases who basically want to they want it to be seven trillion not three and a half trillion and they think three and a half trillion is a compromise and then you've got a handful of people that haven't gone marxist yet uh who aren't necessarily conservatives or anything of that nature but they're sort of more normal in their view of what government's role in our country should be and they're pushing back and so you got this internal fight going on and that's a big problem they have on their hands and look joe biden doesn't have a base right i mean joe biden wasn't elected because he was joe biden he was elected as a vessel right he was he's there because he became sort of an instrument for the far left that now dominates the democratic party to pursue their agenda and that's what they're doing here these guys are acting like they have a 60 70 vote majority in the senate right 50 vote majority in the house and i think they were elected with some sort of mandate to remake america into a socialist almost marxist type economy and so i think that's the pushback you're seeing from people that have to go back home in november and get reelected and they know they can't run on this so panama's foreign minister very frustrated over what's happening down on the border because she says biden's acting like they're caught off guard but they warned them a long time ago 

she says that this was going to happen and to be prepared i know the state of florida is suing the biden administration how is this affecting you all tell us what what's the status of that lawsuit and what your concerns are for florida well look a lot of these migrants are winding up in florida and i'll tell you my heart breaks for these people for example the haitian community in south florida is an incredible community i have a tremendous affinity for them and i feel terrible about what's happened in haiti but you know no country in the world can take in you know 15 30 50 000 people at a time like that in a totally unregulated unrestricted manner 

what's happened here is there are anywhere between 90 000 and 120 000 migrants from haiti alone in different countries in latin america all desiring to enter the united states and this began back in 2010 when a lot of these countries got rid of visa requirements like chile because they had a bunch of construction jobs so they've been living there this whole time if you notice a lot of the haitian migrants at the border last week spoke spanish because they've been living in chile and places like that for a long time but what happens the jobs dry up and now they say well fine we're going to go to america and and that's what's happening and so eventually bottlenecks in panama which is the first country that sort of interacts with them does testing you know biometrics tests for covid things of this nature and they're telling us you know we anywhere between 90 and 100 000 haitian migrants just from haiti alone are headed towards the united states are different stages of migration and the biden administration isn't doing anything about it they've completely ignored it 

another ally colombia and ally panama and ally they don't even work talking to their allies who are trying to help us out and they don't want people migrating through their country in route two hours meanwhile look at these ratings for president biden when it comes to border he's got 33 approval so let me ask you senator i don't get it people say you know it's dropping precipitously as you see up there on your screen people say well he wants it they don't care then on purpose what do you mean you don't care he's lost 20 points in texas he's lost 20 points when it comes to the border how does that work to your advantage it doesn't but you have to understand that and i think sometimes we forget there is a hardcore base in the democratic party which happens to be the people many cases who knock on doors that send them these dollar donations that the 50 donations in the mail and by internet that they get to the millions of dollars these radical activists who don't believe there should be a border they honestly don't they believe in the free flow of people across borders and that honestly they say they're for immigration laws but the truth be told is they believe anyone who wants to come to america should be able to come to america and the iron here's the irony in all this okay if you're not vaccinated and you're an american you can get fired you can get denied access to a restaurant but if you're not vaccinated and you arrive here illegally you get to enter the country and stay and just think how absurd that is it's nuts even the border agents we were told yesterday that the border agents will be fired if they don't get the vaccination by a certain date they're the ones down there protecting us yeah no i mean again you have i had told anybody 10 years ago that these things would be happening you would say that's that's not true that's some sort of movie on netflix but it is it's happening it's ridiculousness after ridiculousness it's it's nutty time i mean that's what's happened here well it gives us plenty to talk about senator thank you very much for joining us today from the russell rotunda 

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